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Evangelize Now Europe 
A working group inside FGBMFI-DK


Updated 03.01. 2013

Full Gospel Business Men´s Fellowship International (FGBMFI), is a fellowship with chritians from all kind of church community. We have meetings at hotels, restaurants and meeting rooms

Men shares there experiences about Gods intervention in there life.
(At public meetings women are welcome too)

We did´nt belongs to any kind of neo-religios movements, and we do´nt have any churches - we consider us self as all christians churches rigth-hand tools in the society.

We testify about the living Gods power in the daily life. With over 20.000 chapters there are meetings every months at all continents, and many people have at these meetings an experiences about Gods intervention in there life: to conversion from an emty and godless life, to renewal of a dried-up christian life, to healing of physicals and mentals sickness as well.

The common of christians, who had an experience with Jesus Christ are, that they gone to be more powerfull and renewed to a more activ business in there churches. Many have also an experience, how God in a wonderful way have given them help in there firms/business.

Our vison is building at, that laymen with there "professionals" have a better possibilities to get in contact with colleagues and other with the same standing/status/footings than clergymen/vicars/priestes/chaplains/pastores or evangelists have, because they talk the same speech.


Chapters in Denmark:

(Great Copenhagen)

Formerly the two chapters:
Herlev and Copenhagen
David Demandt, Kobbelvaenget 50, 2.th, 2700 Broenshoej,
pho. +45 38 28 32 95 - Email: FGBMFI-Greatcopenhagen
Vestegnen (Ishøj)
Westarea (Ishoej))
(A town near Copenhagen)
Boerge Laustsen, Gildbrovej 14 2.tv, 2635 Ishoej.
pho. +45 30 32 12 01 
email: FGBMFI-Vestegnen
Webmaster for these sites
email: FGBMFI Webmaster Danmark
Evangeliser Nu
(Evangelize Now)
It's a working group in FGBMFI-DK
It've its own website: www.evangeliser.nu
This site is only in Danish.
(An island near Copenhagen)
Is subjected the Vestegnen Chapter  
Uldjyderne (Herning)
(The Wooljutlanders)
The chapter is closed down.
Email: FGBMFI-Herning
Fyn (Odense)
(An island/(town) in
the middle of Denmark)
The chapter is closed down.


Vamdrup: Holger Sloth, Duevej 10, 6580 Vamdrup, Pho. +45 75 58 24 28
President of FGBMFI Denmark: Boerge Laustsen
Gildbrovej 14 2.tv, 2635 Ishøj.Tlf. 30 32 12 01
Email: President of FGBMFI-Denmark
International Business Affairs: Hugo Martinussen,
H.C. Andersensvej 16, 7430 Ikast, tlf.+ 45 97 15 64 56
email:International contact
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Visit the webside of one of our faithfull suporter, Niels Peter Finne,
singer and musician, called "The singing policeman" 
(In danish and some of it in english)